Mayne Fairfield 5822W

Comparing Mayne Fairfield 5826W, What’s The Best Reviews?

We can’t blame you if you doubt the quality of the Mayne Fairfield 5826W is made from plastic planters are made from high grade polyethylene double wall design. Make it suitable for use in your garden and withstand the conditions of use for many years.

This is a feature of  Mayne Fairfield 5826W and 5822W to select proper use

Image mayne-fairfield-5826w_ac_ss100_ mayne-fairfield-5826w_ac_ss100_
Title Mayne Fairfield 5826W Patio Planter, 20-Inch by 36-Inch, White Mayne Fairfield 5822W Window Box Planter, 3-Foot, White
Feature Beautiful New England design adds a touch of glamor to any patio or deck.
Molded plastic planters are made from high-grade plastic design wall.
Irrigation district water system encourages root growth.
L dimension in a 31-inch by 15-1 / 2 inches wide and 13 inches D, approximately 22 gallons of soil capacity.-37.5 x 21.5 x 21.5 inchesWeight: 24 poundsColor:White
Accent your home with New England, the window of our design.
Molded plastic planters are made from high-grade plastic design wall.
Irrigation district water system encourages root growth.
The dimensions are 32 inches L, 7-1 / 2 inches wide and 8 inches D capacity soil around 6-1 / 2 gallons.
Window box comes with three wall mount brackets with a black powder coated finish.-10.8 x 60 x 11 inchesWeight:15.75 poundsColor:White



Design and arts appreciation:

Mayne Fairfield 5826W has been designed to look more modern and sleek. There is simplicity in itself. But filled with features and excellent quality.

if you’re was initially hesitant about purchasing Mayne Fairfield 5826W product, primarily due to its cost, though you’re bought one and am very impressed with its quality and the engineering that went into its design. You was also hesitant about the use of plastic for the box, however, you’re am glad that you’re overcame you’re hesitation – it is very sturdy, it looks great and you’re am otherwise disinterested in the maintenance associated with any painted-wood (or painted anything) product that’s holding damp earth and is outside over an extended period of time!! Variegated ivy cascades over the sides of mine so the planter simply peeks out between the leaves here and there.


Which One To Buy?

Mayne Fairfield 5826W

It’s you’re love you’re new window boxes and so do you’re neighbors! They are sturdy, very weather durable and look great on you’re window sills! They arrived pre-assembled, so all you’re had to do was fill them with good soil, fertilizer and gorgeous flowers and install them at the windows. And of course, what you do every day is to water the soil so that they grow and  prosper.

It’s beautiful window box. As of now you’re only have fake flowers in them because the windows they are on are completely shaded by a large oak tree so sun doesn’t reach the boxes, system but just based on aesthetics these are beautiful.


Well, it is totally up to you! You really are getting the same features with these two models.You should choose a suitable area. You can install it to.And we hope this information is helpful to you…!


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